NHS Barershop Society


About Us

About Us

We are the Northwest High School Barbershop Society (N.H.S.B.S.). We are a slowly, but efficiently growing group of young men that just simply love singing 4-part barbershop style music! We were founded in the year 2012 having, at the time, nine members: 

  • Devon Day
  • Dylan Wall
  • Fortino Gottlich
  • Gabino Bencomo
  • Garrett Moltzan
  • Jackson Schnoor
  • Paul Cockrum
  • Randall Morris
  • Sebastian Davis


We are always accepting new guys that love to sing! So if you would like join, come on down and check it out! We practice every Friday mornings at 7:30 in the NHS Choir Room until the first bell rings.


Our board of directors is made up of six positions. Currently, however, it is run by four people.

President: Sebastian Davis

Vice-President: Garrett Moltzan

Social Chairman: Sebastian Davis

Historian: Chance Taylor

Director: Kaitlyn Carty (Head Choir Director)

Asst. Director: Paul Norris (Asst. Choir Director)


Our uniform is usually never the same twice. So just be ready for whatever comes your way!


If you're feeling generous, please donate! All money we get goes straight to the chorus budget. It would really help us! We must have money to pay for uniforms, music, trips, competitions, etc. So no, none of it is for personal uses. All of the money we earn from performances is also put in our budget.